Raheem Sterling insists that he is working hard with the Liverpool staff to improve his strength after admitting he ai???is a bit skinnyai??i?? and wants to get stronger to cope up with the demands of club and international football. The Reds winger reportedly complained of tiredness before the game against Estonia on Sunday and was subsequently benched but he came on in the second half to earn a decisive freekick which ultimately settled the contest in favor of England. Sterling has been criticized for this but he is adamant that footballers work extremely hard from young age that goes unseen by the general public. Speaking to Forever Sports Magazine, Sterling claimed: “Iai??i??m always active, always working out, so you do get an athlete’s body. I’m a bit skinny at the moment so I’m working on that, not too much [muscle], as I don’t want to be too top heavy. I’ll be in the gym working, trying to get internally stronger.” […]