With the third successful season completed, Pep Guardiola is now enjoying a well-earned break with his family. But his task for the upcoming season will be an even more difficult one. The team will soon begin their pre-season followed by another round of El-Clasicos and an intense first round of La Liga games awaits the Spanish and European Champions. He has always managed to make his midfield dominate the game. But can his midfield do the same again? Ever since Guardiola took over this team, his policy has been very clear – impose their football style over any opponents no matter who and force them to react. His main weapon is his midfield. A combination of patient football trying to control the game and create as much chance as possible. No team has managed to force them onto the backfoot yet. The one team that has managed to stand up to them in terms of possession is Valencia. The last […]

FC Barcelona: Football is Art – Part 1

For the past three years, Pep Guardiola has been showing the world the beauty of football through the tiki-taka style of Barcelona. But how do they do it so effectively? Are they really that bad in defending as they are made out to be? How do they manage so much possession? This is a simple effort to dive into the tactical world of Barca's game.