The genius of the soon-to-be-retired Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has not always been given the due credit it so thoroughly deserves. “He is one of the best holding midfielders I’ve ever seen in my life – by far.” When someone like Pep Guardiola, who has accomplished so much in the game of football, both as a player and a manager, says the words in praise of a footballer, you know the player must have been very special. Sadly, in case of Michael Carrick, many failed to appreciate that for a long time in his career. Too often, it so happens that a footballer doesn’t always receive the plaudits or the recognition that he so thoroughly deserves, but only when the time comes for him to hang up his boots do people realize what he brought to this game we so love. Born in Wallsend in 1981, Carrick started off his youth career at the academy of West Ham United and broke […]