Mark van Bommel won the Bundesliga with the Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal, but fell out within ten months of the triumph. Mark van Bommel has said that Louis wan Gaal will ultimately bring success to Manchester United, despite a difficult first season in charge at Old Trafford and pointing out that the manager could be very difficult to work with. Mark Van Bommela s December 2010 row with Van Gaal at Bayern Munich came just seven months after the Dutch pair had won the Bundesliga and Cup plus also had made a Champions League final appearance. The spat led to Van Bommel’s exit to AC Milan in 2011. Speaking highly of the manager, Van Bommel said: a 2009 was Louisa s first year at Bayern. It was a successful year. We won the Bundesliga, the cup and were in the final of the Champions League.a a But it was a big change for the club. We had had […]