In the world of football where statistics are dominated by goalscorers and accolades reserved for the ones with a nose for the opponent’s net, goalkeepers are a different breed. They seldom cross their own half, are often left alone in their goal (at least for the good teams) and at the end of the day, everybody remembers how many you let in. Goalkeepers may not win teams games but they can surely save them for their team. A good goalkeeper can make the difference between hanging onto a hard fought victory or meekly surrendering the lead and allowing the game to peter out into a tame draw. THT takes a look at the best goalkeepers in the world over the 2014/15 season. David de Gea (Manchester United; Spain) – 78 saves, 11 clean sheets The 24 year old goalkeeper of Spanish origin has been key to United achieving their aim of a top four finish this season. Whether it was […]

German midfielder Toni Kroos feels it was unfair that Messi was second in the Balon d’Or vote, behind Cristiano Ronaldo, ahead of Manuel Neuer. Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded the Balon d’Or best player of the year with Lionel Messi and Manuel Neuer finishing second and third respectively. Ronaldo, who helped Real Madrid win the Champions League and Copa Del Rey last year, win the award earning 37.66% of the votes. While Lionel Messi earned 15.76% of the votes narrowly beating Manuel Neuer, who received 15.72% votes, to the second spot. While not many were surprised with Ronaldo winning the coveted award, Messi finishing ahead of Neuer did raise some concerns. Also voicing his concern was Neuer’s German teammate and Ronaldo’s compatriot at Real Madrid, Toni Kroos. Kroos said: “It’s surprising and a little unfair that Neuer finished behind Messi “I thought it would be a close call between Manuel and Cristiano. “Neuer was the best goalkeeper by a long way […]