No Country For Young Men

Italy is not a place for the youth. Italy, considered a powerhouse in World football, are now on the wane, following a string of indifferent performances at the club and national level. TheHardTackle's Nikhil Taneja reckons that the current youth policy is one of the main reasons for this downfall, and explores why.

Ancelotti’s Departure: A New Beginning or The End?

After another trophyless season for Milan and the frustration of playing second fiddle to their bitter rivals, the Rossoneri looked upon a new manager in an attempt to refresh things. TheHardTackle's Nikhil Taneja revisits the final days of Ancelotti's reign and how Leonardo's arrival has reinvigorated Italy's most decorated club.

AC Milan – The history

TheHardTackle's Sachin Madaan narrates the history the most successful club in the world. The Rossoneri along with their city rivals have made the city of Milan, a capital of European Football.