Fransa Pax was an upcoming power in mid-2000s in Goan football. With traditional powerhouses going through a lean phase it seemed that Mickky Pacheco owned club will fill up the power vacuum in Goa football. Instead, the club was shut down in middle of 2005-06 NFL amidst dubious circumstances. TheHardTackle takes a look back at the big controversy that took place half a decade back.

Are Indian Football Fans Too Snobbish?

With the advent of Cable TV in the late 90's, 'Indian football viewership' took a back-seat. Since then, Football fans in India have not come out of the 'Glamour web' of English, Spanish and Italian football. THT takes a look at why such an awareness-dip has occurred and spreads the local-clubs knowledge among the new generation of Indian Football fans.