John Terry celebrated rather extravagantly for a stalemate at Emirates Stadium last weekend and his performance won plaudits from Jose Mourinho. Despite their self-sufficiency over their display, they were branded boring by the home fans. The Chelsea captain has now hit back at the Gunners stating that tippy-tappy football, despite its exquisiteness, would never help Arsenal lift the title. The former England international claimed that all the recent claims would be forgotten once Chelsea are crowned champions of Premier League and believes that their manager has done a tremendous job keeping the Stamford Bridge side firmly at the top despite losing all their strikers to injuries. a We are definitely not boring and if we do go on to win it; nobodya s going to remember the performances when perhaps ita s not been that exciting. Things then went against us and the manager, being him, came up with the way to get us through games. Thata s where hea […]

Arsenal FC entertain Chelsea FC in a fixture that could decide how early the visitors are crowned champions of Premier League. Though the Blues currently enjoy a ten-point cushion, Paul Merson believes that Jose Mourinho will likely be on the back-foot in the London derby. Jose Mourinho, despite making Chelsea play expansive football early on in this campaign, has now got back to his basics as the Stamford Bridge side are seen playing defensive football more often than not. Speaking to Sky Sports, the former Arsenal striker stated that the Portuguese manager would make life difficult for the Gunners when his side visit Emirates Stadium this weekend. a Tactically, Mourinho can go somewhere and make it very difficult and Arsenal have that tendency to shoot themselves in the foot if it is tight and Chelsea are defending well. Last week, Chelsea had thirty per cent of the play at home but Manchester United never looked like scoring. a He feels […]

Arsenal play host to champions elect Chelsea this weekend in a fixture that has the potential to decide how early the Blues could make Premier League title theirs and Jamie Carragher suggested that Arsenal should try to win this game for a brighter future. The former Liverpool defender stated that Arsene Wenger must be worried about his shabby record against his foe in Jose Mourinho and added that the French manager should try to put this pattern to bed by registering his first victory over the Portuguese manager in an attempt to build the title winning mentality. a Obviously Arsene Wenger is going to say it isna t that big a thing, but Ia m sure ita s in the back of his mind. You dona t want a record like that against anyone. Ia m sure it gives confidence to Chelsea and Mourinho that they can get one over on Arsenal.a He ruled out the Gunnersa chances of clinching […]

[From The Archives] The rivalry between Millwall and West Ham United is one of the oldest and most venomous football rivalries in the world. TheHardTackle tries to look into what makes the fans hate each other so much and also analyses the prospect of the two clubs being in the same league.

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