It's been a busy first week for European football, with Mourinho winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine and David De Gea narrowly being spared the wrath of Ferguson's boot after United's most prolific scorer got them the winner.

Football is an art and not a theory. One of the most interesting things about football is that it is an art which needs to be practiced to perfection. However, GREED has now devoured these fine aspects. TheHardTackle presents one such perspective - a new dark side of Football.

In a recent interview one of the top AIFF officials expressed a desire to see India play "possession football" like Barcelona or Spain. Is it realistic to expect things like these from Indian players who have been used to play long ball game ? TheHardTackle takes a look at the tactical dilemma and unrealistic expectations that often surround Indian football team.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: Arsenal, in sparkling form, has a great chance to take an advantage forward to Camp Nou as they face FC Barcelona in home soil. This is a repeat of last year's encounter which took place at a later stage in the UEFA Champions League. TheHardTackle brings you the trademark Rival Rendezvous©.