45 minutes of violence, an unnecessary surgical procedure that saw red, a sublime strike and a small gang war. No this isna t a new TV show but the events of the Chile Uruguay quarter final game. In a game that saw ten yellow cards of which two led to reducing team players, home team Chile with the likes of stars like Aurturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez to name a few, took on Uruguay who are eleven places above them in the FIFA rankings and were clearly considered the stronger side. However without the fire power of their talisman Suarez, much of the scoring task was left to their PSG striker Edinson Cavani. . The match started with Uruguay looking as unsettled as restless child in a shopping cart. Chile seemed to dominate the game earning almost 80% of possession. The trickery of Vargas and Sanchez, backed by a steady supply of crosses and through balls from either wins or […]