Just when the fans were trying to catch their breath after aAi??scintillating seasonAi??of top flight Indian football, theAi??AIFFAi??threw the cat (and a fat one at that) among the pigeons in their bid to take Indian football to the next level. Owing to the massive “success” of the league past season, which saw jam packed stadiums, league reaching out to different states in India apart from usual suspects of Goa and Kolkata, clubs making money through path breaking sponsorship deals and merchandising contracts with leading sports brands around the world, AIFF chipped in with their own trick of the trade in a ‘urgently’ held meeting at Dwarka, New Delhi. Without a doubt, Indian football had a year to remember, after these changes were made public. If theAi??goal of participating in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and beating Spain along the way wasn’t easy enough, the AIFF introduced a set of rules that it believes would redefine and exponentially increase the […]