With Manchester City on the verge of a Premier League title and only having three English players eligible for a winnerai??i??s medal, some have called for the English FA to change the home-grown rule. While the rule may need to be changed, a look at the rule, the incentives it creates, and how the rule operates in the environment of European football is needed. Also, one should consider if the goals of the FA come at too great a cost to the rest of footballing society. What is the FA’s Home-Grown Rule? Premier League clubs do not face explicit restrictions on squad size. A side can have any number of under-21 (age 21 or younger) players on the squad. Premier League clubs can have a maximum of 25 players over the age of 21 in their squad. So, if a club wanted a squad with more than 25 players, only 25 slots could go to players older than 21. The […]