Bayern Munich may have won the league in all but name already, but the fight for the remaining Champions League places has the potential to make Bundesliga history–and change the league.   Letai??i??s face it: Bayern Munich have won the league. Sixteen points ahead with an unholy goal difference, they havenai??i??t mathematically clinched that most coveted of circular objects, but unless they implode or all turn into zombies between now and May, itai??i??s theirs. So letai??i??s just forget about Bayern. After all, the rest of the Bundesliga has never looked so mouth-watering. The remainder of the top four are separated by only three points, which means that fourth-placed Schalke and second-placed Bayer Leverkusen are only one win and one loss (respectively) away from switching places. Borussia Dortmund sit anxiously between the two, with 42 points, one point behind stuttering Leverkusen and two above the resurgent Schalke. The way these teams look now, it is extremely likely that they will make […]