Faced with a potential exit from the Eurozone, Greece currently finds itself immersed in a major economic and political crisis. As Greek lawmakers scramble to negotiate a bailout package with its European creditors, millions of Greeks continue to suffer under the harsh conditions of austerity imposed on them. But amidst all the chaos, perhaps what’s slipped under the radar is the very realistic possibility of Greek football going bankrupt as a consequence of the financial mess that Greece currently finds itself in. As Greek football faces an existential threat, we analyze the potential impact that this crisis might have on the Greek domestic “Superleague” and its National Football team. Will Greek football be able to ride through all the financial turbulence? Greece Superleague The Eurozone debt crisis has had a devastating impact on the financial health of Greek football clubs. With the outflux of billions of dollars from the Greek economy and an exit from the Eurozone (Grexit) becoming a […]