Thomas Muller might not be the biggest star for Germany or for his club Bayern Munich but he is becoming something akin to irreplaceable for both of them. In all great sides there is the one man who silently does his work while the stars around him garner most of the plaudits. The Chicago Bulls had Scottie Pippen playing this kind of a role while all the attention fell on His Airness, Michael Jordan. In bicycle racing there was George Hincapie who was the lieutenant in all of Lance Armstrongai??i??s now infamous seven Tour De France victories. It is said that Hincapie could have won a few titles himself if he were the lead man but he was content playing the role of a domestique. In cricket too there was Rahul Dravid who went about his business quietly and was never one for the limelight. Thomas Muller too is of the same ilk as he has never quite been the […]