The column ‘Finance Football’ tackles the economic aspects of the world’s favorite pastime, taking a closer look at the commercial side of the game. In the Forth edition we look at Barcelona Joan Gaspart, Joan Laporta who had/have to contest with Florentino Perez’ Real Madrid and his successor Ramon Calderon who was in charge of the Spanish capital outfit before the former returned in 2009. Read “Financial Analysis On Perez’s Galacticos Policy And FC Barcelona’s Rise | Part 1” here Even though Premier League sides Manchester City and Chelsea FC are set to lock horns this weekend, it’s La Liga face-off between Spanish giants FC Barcelona and Real Madrid that truly deserves the tag “Billion Euro Match”. While the ascension of the English pairing more or less has been financed by the generosity of very wealthy individuals, Barcelona and Madrid success hasn’t found its origins in the bank account of a billionaire owner. For better or worse these clubs were forced to formulate […]