The Fans are and will always be the most important driving force in any Sport. Premier League is no different with a long list of dedicated fans trudging to their home ground to drive their team to victory. ai???Once a week the fan flees his house for the stadium. Banners wave and the air resounds with noisemakers, fire crackers and drums; it rains streamers and confetti. The city disappears, its routine forgotten. All that exists is the temple. In this sacred place, the only religion without atheists puts its divinities on display. Although the fan can contemplate the miracle more comfortably on TV, he prefers to make the pilgrimage to this spot where he can see his angels in flesh doing battle with the demons of the dayai??? ai??i?? Eduardo Galeano, Soccer in Sun and Shadow; The Fan This above paragraph is but one of the most apt description of a fan of the sport. One who is so vital […]

Are Indian Football Fans Too Snobbish?

With the advent of Cable TV in the late 90's, 'Indian football viewership' took a back-seat. Since then, Football fans in India have not come out of the 'Glamour web' of English, Spanish and Italian football. THT takes a look at why such an awareness-dip has occurred and spreads the local-clubs knowledge among the new generation of Indian Football fans.