Inquizitivity – Quiz 33

The quiz is back with a mixed format and with an increased 'difficulty' level. Hope you guys can crack it as well as enjoy it. All the best.

Inquizitivity – Quiz 32

The latest edition of Inquizitivity is here. It is a mix of multiple old formats that I have brought to you before. Hope you enjoy this one. All the best.

Inquizitivity: Quiz 31 – Images Special 2

Another Edition of the quiz is here. We have kept the theme of the previous quiz intact, to continue with the 'fun with images' part. This might be a little more difficult than the previous one. All the best

Inquizitivity: Quiz 30 – Images Special

Inquizitivity is back with a new edition on a new year. We'll do a lot of experimentation this year trying to make the quiz as exciting as possible. All the very best for this one.

Inquizitivity – Christmas Special

Inquizitivity is here with a festival special. None of the questions are related to each other. No special points system. Just enjoy and answer. Have a great new year 2011.

Inquizitivity – Quiz 28

Chain-Quizzing(c)TheHardTackle is back with a new quiz. This one follows the format of Quiz 26. All the best.

Inquizitivity – Quiz 26

We are back with Chain-Quizzing(c)TheHardTackle, but this one is a different one. It's a new style of questions, but don't worry, we have made it easy with only fairly known players as answers, this time around.

Inquizitivity – Quiz 24

Chain-Quizzing ┬ęTheHardTackle is back for another edition. The rules and points system are the same as in the previous quizzes. All the best.