Dutch striker Robin van Persie has said that he isna t quite certain about his long-term future at current club Manchester United. The 31 year-old, who joined the club in 2012, has a contract that runs till 2016, but beyond that he doesna t know what will happen. a It is not up to me,a said the 31-year-old. a For the moment I am staying here for 18 months. That is it really. I cana t look into the future. I dona t know what is going to happen after that. We shall have to wait and see.a The former Arsenal man, who almost single-handedly won the Red Devils the title in 2012-13 season, also admitted that he is unhappy with his goal tally of eight goals from 25 matches so far this season. The team in its entirety hasna t been up to the mark as they have only managed five goals in the last 6 games with the […]