The Blue half of Merseyside will always be indebted to David Moyes as he obstinately guards the downslide of Everton against the pernicious tide of financial tantrums that have grappled the club to a state of defunct business organization. The club stuck in the vortex of a parlous financial position that neither it can bust nor has the ammunition to move forward. In such a scenario, an organization runs with the ideology of taking minimal looses to the chin, with a hope that their manager will work miracles and the wheel of fortune will rotate again. Moyes is fighting tooth and nail against all odds, but even he canai??i??t change the vicissitudes out of this mesh. . The fans are discontent with things going on at the club. Unlike others, they are not raising slogans against the parsimonious owner, neither citing examples of a knee-jerk reaction demanding the board officials to be sacked. But they want a sophisticated system that […]