It was the summer of 2004. Chelsea Football Club had just finished runners-up to Arsenal in the English Premier League – their best league position for 49 years – and in the process, broken the club record for highest number of points won in a season.  Despite that, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich – still in the nascent years of his ownership of the club – made his first major decision by deciding to relieve Italian Claudio Ranieri of his managerial duties. Abramovich sought a man who could match his ambition and hunger for success – someone that could not only take on the established powerhouses of Arsenal and Manchester United, but take them on and win. Before long, he had found the ideal candidate. Jose Mourinho exploded onto the English Premier League scene in June 2004 with his now-iconic press conference where he declared himself to be the ‘Special One’. That sense of confidence rubbed off on his players, kick-starting […]

“He’s one of our own, He’s one of our own; Harry Kane, he’s own of our own”, chanted the White Hart Lane crowd as Waltham’s very own Harry Kane ran the show in the match against Chelsea early on in January. While we are sure that Spurs fans do not need to be reminded of that match, the Blues fans will want to quickly erase any memory of that, as soon as possible. However, that got us thinking. Will Chelsea fans ever get a chance to sing that song at Stamford Bridge? After all, it has been a very long time since a good old London boy got through the ranks at Chelsea and made a lasting impact on the fans. The last one, as one can recollect, has been John Terry – who admittedly was not born in West London neither was he a boyhood Chelsea fan, but he did get through the ranks at the youth setup in […]