West Ham United: West Ham, Diafra Sakho And The Tangle With FIFA

Recent verdict of FIFA to fine West Ham United A? 71,000 has revived an old debate. Club or Country. Ever heard of players avoiding club matches in order to play for their nation? Seems like an odd situation, however the opposite is acceptable and quite common in football. Since when did Club football become more important than playing for your country? In the age old days of bows and arrows, counties with small armies often hired paid men to bolster their forces to fight for their side. These special breed of men neither had a country they called home nor did they pledge loyalty to one, their only driving force was money. Mercenary, a name given to a breed of warriors who would fight for the side that paid them with no remorse. Today in the world of football, a list of players can be named for their undying loyalty to their colors. However, many have been shown to look […]