A fan of the beautiful game is almost never impartial and, sometimes, itai??i??s about more than just loving your club. Sometimes hating the clubai??i??s biggest rival is just as important to some fans. Certain rivalries of course have become famous over the years for how extreme their fans are. TheHardTackle brings to you the top 5 football derbies in the world. The article is restricted to derbies, which are rivalries between clubs based in the same city. It is interesting to see that these derbies exist for various different reasons, from political affiliations of both clubs to religious beliefs. The Old Firm Derby (Celtic FC vs Rangers FC) Popularly referred to as ai???The Old Firm derbyai??i??, Scotlandai??i??s most successful clubs are infamous for the rivalry that exists between them. These two clubs have become notorious among football fans in general for taking what is basically a sport to represent the ever festering wound that exists between Catholics and Protestants. Although […]

Lazio Track and Field club is the largest of its kind in the world and S.S. Lazio is the football club from it. We, at TheHardTackle take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about their colorful past and how they won their second Scudetto. This is the journey of the Eagles, a journey of their struggles.