The stand-off between Real Madrid and Manchester United continue with Real Madrid rejecting United’s first bid for Sergio Ramos. Ed Woodward and Florentino Perez are embroiled in a battle of wits to see who’ll blink first as each bids to keep their star players. This almost feels like watching a rerun of an old Friends episode. Real Madrid are after a talismanic Manchester United player which United clearly rebuff at first mention. Then they reconsider, slowly, ponderously, weighing up the options and sizing up alternatives. Followed by the inevitable, eventual conclusion that we all suspected would happen from the very beginning. The Talisman leaves for Real Madrid. You could almost be forgiven for yawning and switching to other news. Except, this time, it hasn’t all gone Real Madrid’s way. It still could, which is a strong possibility, but the mere fact that Manchester United are playing for keeps this time sets apart this transfer from it’s illustrious predecessors. The Beckhams, […]