News reports of a team overhaul have been going around in famous journals. Is this a boon or curse to a struggling side that aims to finish in the top four? With just six minutes to go Tottenham lead Chelsea 4-0. As the minutes count down and the tired legs of both teams trudge the field, sights of blue jerseys leaving the stadium become predominant. As the numbers get fewer and fewer the referee brings his whistle to his lips. A bleating tweet followed by two more and the last game of the Premier League Season comes to an end. The blue and white confetti covers the horizon as local lads dance in triumphant joy. Tottenham have won the Premier League, now only the Champions League is left to be won. As that beautiful scene comes to an end I realise, with sadness, that this is an event I can enjoy only on my TV screen in the FIFA 2015 […]

“We now consider this matter closed.” These were the words of Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy on the 18th of June, 2011. Well, there are still another eight days to go of the summer transfer window and fans, pundits and ex-pros alike are still wondering where the Croatian will be plying his trade come September 1st. TheHardTackle looks at the saga from Tottenham's perspective.

Tottenham Hostspur has firmly established themselves as challengers to the established order of EPL. A club which was associated with exciting and cavalier style in otherwise conservative English football, look good enough to shed the tag of underachievers. TheHardTackle takes a look at their glorious past and the potential they have for future.