Real Progress Or Flattering To Deceive yet Again? – Arsenal FC Season Review 2014/15:

  Arsenal won their 12th FA cup to cap off a season that saw them promise, yet again but failed to emerge as Chelsea’s closest challengers. As Mourinho pointed out, the season isn’t played from January to August, and Arsenal again failed to build on their FA cup success from last year. A season of two halves: With the incredible amount of football being played these days, a lot of teams were expected to struggle post the World Cup. Mesut Ozil and Per Mertesacker were hardly at their best at the start of the season and while August went by unbeaten, the team was hardly challenging for the title. The turning point came with the arrival of Frances Coquelin from Charlton, courtesy yet another injury crisis that saw Wenger alarmingly shorn of central midfield options. What followed was a brilliant run as Arsenal went on the rampage in the Premier League and the FA Cup, backed by a double pivot of […]

“Wazzat?” I suddenly awoke on one of the many flights I’ve had to take recently, sleep-mask askew and drool plastered on headset. After adjusting my bearings, I looked over to see an unnaturally happy flight attendant looming over me, jawbones stretched till the lands of infinity. “Would sir like something to drink?” I thought and decided that sir *would* like something to drink. “We have orange juice and pineapple juice, sir,” the attendant tittered, maw still parted in an admirable Grand Canyon imitation. “Alright, I’ll have an orange juice.” “Here is your pineapple juice, sir.” I mouthed wordlessly but the attendant was already off, an ephemeral wood-sprite of confusing hospitality. I checked around to see if the flight doubled up as a set of a Coen Brothers movie, shrugged, and proceeded to attack the pineapple juice. *** Hardly the most gripping of stories, I know, but it does in this case serve as a mediocre segue into the domain of […]