Chelsea’s summer transfer window of 2014 was a clinic in decisiveness and efficiency. The Blues may or may not go on to win the Premier League, but the general consensus amongst pundits and fans alike is that – at least amongst the English clubs – Chelsea were the winners of the transfer market. A good transfer window, especially from a financial point of view, is something of a rarity for the side from south-west London. Since the takeover by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Chelsea have spent more than any other club in the Premier League, often indiscriminately and wastefully. For all their profligacy in the past decade, however, the last couple of years have seen a paradigm shift in Chelsea’s transfer policy. Perhaps the Champions League win in 2012 acted as a catalyst for the change, in that it prompted Abramovich and the Chelsea board to adopt a more long-term view for the future of the club after it finally […]