England boss Roy Hodgsonai??i??s tense relationship with Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers looks set to continue in the wake of the controversy surrounding Raheem Sterlingai??i??s fitness. Roy Hodgson has risked inflaming his simmering feud with Brendan Rodgers by questioning the Liverpool managerai??i??s method of keeping Raheem Sterling fit. Rodgers revealed last month that he believes in giving players, whose primary attribute is pace, a two-day recovery period from the stresses and strains caused by the speed. However, Hodgson says there is little evidence that this program benefits the recovery of an individual. “Raheem might say it is something that is becoming ingrained in him and that he felt the need to talk about being tired more than he would normally do.” Hodgson said. “We have never had any problems with that [Liverpoolai??i??s policy] but I donai??i??t think there is a lot of medical evidence to support the two-day recovery so, if you want to, you might want to research that.” “Certainly […]