Owen Hargreaves is in line for a shock move to the Blue half of Manchester after spending four seasons at Old Trafford and the Englishmen's desicison is sure to ruffle some feathers among Old Trafford faithfuls. Here is THT's look at both sides of the coin as resident authors Nitin and Nipun put forward their points in favour and against Hargreaves' decision.

It goes without saying there are several reasons behind Chelsea surrendering the league to Manchester United. And yet, there are some reasons that don't often see the light of day. Here's a look at some of those not-so-evident ones.

One club is in pursuit of its 19th English Top Division title and the other has been yearning for European success for years. TheHardTackle presents the Chelsea versus Man United UCL Quarter-final first leg preview, including the tactics, formations, and players to watch out for.

This was never meant to be a clash of champions. And yet what transpired was the most open and exciting game between these two sides in recent times.

Carlo Ancelotti is under extreme pressure, with the news of his imminent sacking doing the rounds. We at TheHardTackle, think he has been given time till May to turn the situation around. We look at what he should do for the rest of the season, to get Chelsea back on track.