After a lackluster start to the game, Bafetimbi Gomis put Arsenala s chances of clinching an automatic Champions League qualification spot in jeopardy as he headed home in the dying minutes to complete the double against the Gunners. Swansea City are the new Manchester United. Manchester United were once the team that subdued Arsenal every time they locked horns with each other and with a striker like Robin van Persie on board, they were at ease in either fixture. Swansea City have now infamously recreated the Manchester United way of playing against the Gunners, having completed the double in some fashion while also making Bafetimbi Gomis their Wayne Rooney. They are also in contention to finish seventh and the glorified spot speaks for itself. Final third is all that matters. Arsenal carried on with their critically acclaimed possession football at the Emirates Stadium last night, but it proved to be ineffective as they were found to be sterile in the […]