The Bar a coach showed himself to be motivated and exicted for the Cup, a tournament that for him has a ‘special atmosphere’. With Athletic Bilbao their opponents, Bar a will be aiming for a 27th victory in the competition and the coach made it clear that both he and the squad were not lacking in motivation. “Ita s one of the best games you could possibly play in, for the atmosphere, and because there is a trophy at stake,” commented the blaugrana coach. “[The Copa del Rey final] is one of the most beautiful games you can play, no doubt, because of the atmosphere and wea re playing for a title,a he said at a Press conference. Ia m not envious of the players. I stopped playing football years ago. Using motivational videos for players who are already super-motivated could backfire. Wea ll try to get the press the right buttons. If you ask any Athletic fan, they also […]

It is time to walk the talk as new owners NESV face their first test this transfer window. Will John Henry invest in the squad or is he also the Scrooge of Liverpool?