Former England captain David Beckham has revealed that thereai??i??s no bad blood with former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Still one of the most popular figures in world football, Beckham said that Ferguson was like a father figure to him while he was at Old Trafford. Towards the end of Beckhamai??i??s Manchester United career, however, the relationship between the two had deteriorated. In one of the most famous incidents of his time at Old Traffored, Sir Alex kicked a boot that flew right into Davidai??i??s forehead. 12 years have passed since that incident, and Beckham now feels that the fall-out is in the past. In fact, he went on to mount a heap of praise on his former manager. “We get on. It was made worse than it actually was. He was a father figure for me for so many years,” said Beckham in an interview to appear on Friday’s Graham Norton Show. “He brought me to the club that I […]