An evaluation of a complete season in club football encompasses multiple aspects of the sport. Starting from transfers, it ranges over tactics, team strategies, words exchanged off-field, managers being hired & fired etc. among many others. We at TheHardTackle, attempt to present the highlights of the recently concluded season in European football with our latest initiative THT awards. As the awards reach the culmination point, the final category nominates the best goals scored through the season in major leagues of Europe as well as in the continental competitions. With so many preternaturally talented players plying their trade into some of the most demanding leagues in Europe, we often see goals of sheer perspicacity being scored that leave millions of viewers across the globe in sheer awe. Choosing the ten best goals of the season therefore is a mammoth ask in itself. While picking the nominations for this category, we therefore focused on number of attributes to judge the candidature of […]