RB Leipzig, kicking off this weekend in the Bundesliga’s second division, is raising caution flags all over Germany with their unorthodox ownership model that may pose a threat to the structure of German football. When the Bundesligaai??i??s second division kicks off this weekend, keep an eye out for RB Leipzig. If all goes according to their plan, theyai??i??ll end the year promoted to the top flight, which would mark a remarkable, troubling ascent up the ranks of German football: from fifth division to top division in only six seasons. Their rise has not gone unnoticed in German football, causing even those in Munich and Dortmund to cast a wary eye. Itai??i??s not only the rise of a potential competitor that concerns them; itai??i??s that RB Leipzig challenges the very structure of the Bundesliga. A mere six years ago, RB Leipzig was SSV MarkranstAi??dt, a fifth-division side from a town of about 15,000 just outside of Leipzig. Then, in 2009, the […]