BRAZIL v NETHERLANDS Estadio Nacional de Brasilia, Brasilia July 12, 2014; 21:00 BST *** Brazil seek consolation and a final bow as they take on the Dutch in the third-place match on Saturday. The trauma of Brazilai??i??s 7-1 semi-final demolition is still fresh, the wounds still open, but on Saturday, Brazilai??i??s much-maligned players will have an opportunityai??i??or the misfortune, depending on the resultai??i??to try to salvage a small consolation for their fans. Given the size of the outcry though, you wonder if they wouldnai??i??t just rather not play, if any result could ease the host nationai??i??s pain. Fred, who has been booed every time he has touched the ball, told the press, ai???It is a scar which will remain with us for the rest of our It will be a stern test to see if the Brazilians can overcome this trauma to rally together for one final, if muted, hurrah in what has been a brilliant World Cup in […]