As one of the most anticipated world tournaments, the FIFA World Cup, kicked off in Sao Paulo yesterday, TheHardTackle takes a look at three important factors which might decide the Battle of Manaus, between 1966 winners England and four time World Chamions Italy in Group D on Saturday. When England manager Roy Hodgson was announcing his 23 man squad, the Three Lions were likened to their sponsors and automobile company Vauxhall by one of the journalists. England, just like Vauxhall, was described as ai???Dependable, well-made, well-organized, full of energy, but ultimately a little bit ordinaryai???, whereas the Italians and other flair teams like Brazil, Argentina and Spain were compared to the Lambhorginis and the Ferraris. It might be a tad harsh on England, given the flair players they themselves possess, but it also means that Roy Hodgson`s men can play with relatively less pressure on their shoulders despite the weight of expectation surrounding them in all world tournaments. The heartbreaking […]