El Clasico is one of the biggest rivalries in the footballing world. From culture to history, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF have been at war and continue to battle for supremacy. Two periods in the past, amongst others, helped shape the rivalry you see today. The year was 1943, General Franco had become dictator of Spain. Back then the domestic league cup was called the Copa del Generalisimo and it was widely known that anything other Spanish culture was being given ai???the treatmentai??i?? by Franco and his thugs. The semi finals of the cup saw eternal rivals Real Madrid meet Barcelona. In the first leg of the match in Les Corts (Barcaai??i??s stadium before the Camp Nou was built), the visiting side lost to the Catalans 3-0 and this was unacceptable to Franco who was already in the process of oppressing any culture other than Castillian (like Catalan and Basque culture) and therefore, sent his head of state security […]