2 Responses to “Arsenal Player Ratings vs Brighton & Hove Albion: 8/10 Lacazette the only bright spot in dismal defeat”

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  1. Dylan Moore says:

    Lacazette did nothing all game except lunge in to a few tackles and you give him an 8??? An 8 score is scores 2 goals. He’s a CF that doesn’t score. Anything above a 6 is a joke.

  2. gunnerpete says:

    Your reading of the game differs to mine but that is not a surprise because we all have opinions that differ about every game. Unlike you though I am getting a bit sick of people knocking Holding and Pepe. Holding was in my opinion one of four players who looked top quality compared with those around them.Pepe has had no settled team to play in since arriving and did a great job in putting us one up when the front two ‘goalscorers’ had missed a good five chance between them and you praise them for it? My marks for the team are quite different. Leno 6, Belerin 5, Kossy 6, Holding 8, Mustafi 7, Saka 8, Douzi 6, Cellabos 6, Pepe 7, Auba 7, Lacazette 7. SUBS: Martinez 7,

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