Barcelona won 4-1 against Las Palmas in a mostly one-sided game.

The Catalonian giants dominated Las Palmas for a major part of the game and ended up with a 4-1 victory. Owing to brilliant goals scored by Luis Suarez and Neymar, Barcelona put up a comfortable two-goal lead in the first half itself.

However, Lionel Messi seemed extremely disjointed throughout the game, and one of the very few times people took notice of him was during his many nutmegs. The other time being when, during half-time, the camera captured a shot of Messi extending a handshake, but nobody else was in the frame at that point.

To be fair, Las Palmas did try hard to put up a stronger and perhaps more solid performance. In fact, they were very strong in the initial few moments of the second half. Pedro Bigas netted a stunning goal as he tore through the Barcelona defence, moments before he suffered a nose bleed.

All that lasted only for a while, since Neymar took over with his firepower and quickly made the score 4-1.

Although Barcelona’s title hopes remain somewhat alive after collecting three crucial points, the fact is that Real Madrid also won their game against Sevilla with the same scoreline, and they have a game in hand.

Additionally, the fact that their star striker Lionel Messi failed to impress much left the fans of the club pretty dejected. In fact, he did not even take a single assist, and when he tried to score once the shot was too wide.

While they were disappointed with Messi’s performances, the fans were also quick to laud Neymar for his amazing hattrick which has somewhat boosted their chances in the La Liga title race.

The best – and probably funniest – part of the entire situation was the fact that Real Madrid was simultaneously playing a match against Sevilla FC, and that match ended with the same 4-1 scoreline in Los Blancos’ favour. Of course a Twitter war erupted between Real Madrid and Barcelona fans.

And to end this off, here is a funny video.

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