Ian Wright passionately responded to criticism of Marcus Rashford after a recent controversy put the Manchester United forward in a bad light.

Marcus Rashford is not having a good season and has faced plenty of criticism from pundits and fans. The buck does not stop there, as rumours of the forward wanting to quit Manchester United in the summer are circling. A lack of playing time is cited as the main reason by those in the media.

On the pitch, the forward has not scored any goal in his last nine games, with only five goals coming before that period began. Following Manchester United’s loss to Atletico Madrid at Old Trafford, which saw them get eliminated from the Champions League, Rashford was confronted by fans outside the stadium, which has caused some stir on social media.

Rashford was seen walking away from the ‘heckling’, only for him to turn around and offer a response. Following the incident, the forward was heavily criticised on social media, after which the Manchester United star offered an apology via his social media channels.

Plenty of things have taken a toll on Rashford this season. Firstly the forward came out of a difficult period following the UEFA Euro 2020 Final at Wembley after missing his penalty, following which he was abused online alongside Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

Then he has had to deal with issues at Manchester United, with his dip in form coinciding with the team’s struggles. Gareth Southgate omitted him and Sancho from the latest England squad for the next round of international games to add to his misery. All this leaves Rashford in a tough spot, although there is plenty of support coming in, especially from former England striker Ian Wright.

The Arsenal legend was on point with a video posted on his Twitter account (h/t Goal.com), wherein Wright asked Rashford to ignore the fans and get on with his game. The pundit wants the Manchester United star to stop apologising to fans for no mistake of his.

Ian Wright said, “Somebody just sent me the Marcus Rashford video where he confronted fans because the fans were digging him out, and he offered one of them out. I don’t know who is doing it, doing this apologising for him, who is apologising for that?”

“People are so quick to say ‘oh, sorry,’ and that is what gives these fans that feel that they can dig people out. Marcus, stand your ground, bro. You got people jumping on and saying, ‘Marcus is so sorry’. Don’t be sorry for that, bro. Some of those fans love giving it but can’t take it. You just do your stuff, get back to where you need to be when you are playing.”

Rashford can only answer his naysayers aptly by producing the goods on the pitch. But one cannot blame him for finally caving in after repeated onslaught from Manchester United fans on his social media. That said, the best thing for Rashford is to put his head down and regain his form and confidence.

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