4 Responses to ““I don’t care what anybody says”: Roy Keane rips into England duo Raheem Sterling and Jack Grealish after UEFA Euro 2020 final”

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  1. Vernon says:

    Stop making noise about England. How far did Ireland go in the 2020 Euros? Not even a start, so stop the noise and concentrate on Ireland.

  2. Andy Grey Rider says:

    Spilt Milk, Roy!

  3. Hugh McNeill says:

    100% correct!
    Not just Grealish and Sterling!
    The whole team, aside from Kane and Maquire, should have challenged the coach on his decision to send up young kids and it does NOT look good for them sitting on their backsides avoiding responsibility because that is why Italy won the game!

  4. Naz says:

    I agree with Roy Keane about England senior players should have come forward to take a penalty might have won I think southgate given too much respect to Italy

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