Luke Shaw’s fabulous display against Ukraine hasn’t gone unnoticed as three England legends lavish praise on the in-form left-back.

With two assists against Ukraine in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Euro 2020 to send England through to the semis, Luke Shaw was the star of the show. The Manchester United left-back was in sizzling form to set up Harry Kane and Harry Maguire for two crucial goals that put England in a commanding position against Ukraine.

His contributions did not go unnoticed as the English fan base heaped praise on their preferred full-back. Also, three English legends went on record to amplify Shaw’s importance in this England set-up. As published on Manchester United’s official website, Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard all waxed a lyrical on Shaw.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand began proceedings of heaping praises on Shaw. The ex-England defender was all too happy for the Three Lions’ win and more so for his former club’s left-back. “He’s had a real burst of form, and this season he has been fabulous. His delivery has been exquisite in this tournament, getting up there and his timing of the runs is excellent,” he said.

“It is all about execution from set-pieces and execution at vital moments in the game. When he gets the opportunity to get forward, it’s a feather foot into the dangerous area with beautiful deliveries.”

Next up was former Chelsea manager and legend Frank Lampard, who had a slightly different view to Ferdinand, although it was still praises all the way. “He has done so well, he really has. From the outside, something seems to have really clicked with him in the last 18 months. Some things you can’t control, like the injuries, but sometimes he wasn’t in the best of shape,” he said.

“But now you are watching him, and you always get the feeling that he is a machine, that you can get anything you want from him. Now you are just seeing it,” the former Chelsea manager added.

Alan Shearer also joined the bandwagon and further heaped praise on Shaw. The former Newcastle United superstar spoke about the Englishman enjoying the belief and trust from those around him and why he’s the perfect fit for his club and country.

“It is about having people believing in you as well and having the confidence in you. If you have one bad game, then it is not the be-all and end-all. You are not petrified. You’ve had a bad game, but the manager still trusts you. He has certainly got that right now with club and country,” Shearer said.

On the statistical side, Shaw still is one short of Switzerland’s Steven Zuber for most assists, with the Swiss star managing 4. With potentially two games left for England in the tournament, the Manchester United star has every chance of becoming the top assist maker in the UEFA Euro 2020.

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