2 Responses to “Emile Heskey urges Liverpool to make statement signing”

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  1. With the addition of Elliot in midfield,l feel we can’t say we are short of quality in the engineroom …my many worry is upfront,we need an ernegetic,strong,skillful and a bulldozer …someone who can open and always keep defenders on toes…such a striker is none other than Adams Troure…if we can add Adams upfront,we have all the weapons to destroy who ever we face….FSG and Edwards plz bring Adams Troure to Liverpool

  2. Jack Russell says:

    We don’t need “statement signings”, “marquee signings” or whatever the latest term is – we need to sign the right player(s), for the right position(s), who compliment their new team mates perfectly and that have the required attitude.

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