2 Responses to “Why Crowning Liverpool will become a massive headache for the Premier League and the FA”

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  1. Rhi says:

    Easy solution: Do what motorsports does and count back to the last completed lap. Meaning, the 29th games for teams will be nullified and the the season declared finished at 28 games. Wherever teams were, that’s their final place.

    Formula 1 and other series have done this for decades without a problem (Monaco 1984, Malaysia 2009, Brazil 2003, etc.).

  2. Michael says:

    The season has to finish. The integrity of the sport and the Premier League would be in ruins if it didn’t. Never mind the potential litigation. There is absolute zero sense in starting a new season without finishing the current campaign. What are you going to tell Liverpool fans? Oh never mind the fact you won 27 of 29 games, let’s just start over. And what about European spots? You go back to the season before and give Spurs a CL spot for next season? Absolute nonsense. This season has to finish. Whenever that is. Then next season can be truncated but everyone will start from the same basis. Carabao Cup can be scrapped or have the kids play, internationals will be scrapped, etc etc.

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