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  1. Big Mal says:

    There is a contrary argument. Arsenal got knocked out of both cups early and had no Europe to distract them. They had the luxury of planning for one game per week and still failed to end top 4. Tottenham had to recover from Nuno; United had CL. So of the 6 credible teams, Arsenal came 5th buoyed latterly by a bizarre team selection by Chelsea and a season’s worth of luck against Man U. Having gone 4 points clear with 3 games to go, they needed a solid performance against Tottenham. Time for the experienced players to lead and the allegedly brilliant youngsters to perform. The youngsters were awful. They didn’t show up and were blown away. The more experienced players aren’t good enough. Arsenal still need a massive rebuild. This was their best chance of ending top 4 for years and they completely blew it against Tottenham and Newcastle. As soon as the pressure was off, surprise, surprise, they beat Everton making their gutless performances against Tottenham and Newcastle even more disgraceful. Sixth is the very best Arsenal can hope for as Man U, Chelsea and even Tottenham are going to be spending big. If Newcastle get their act together quickly even the top 6 may be tough. There are far too many youngsters in the Arsenal side and they may well not kick on. Everyone believes they will but the evidence shows that just as many regress as develop. Those who do may decide to leave. Arsenal have an inexperienced manager who could not handle the pressure. He resides over a leader less team – Xhaka is not a leader, he’s an idiot – and seems to want to pack his side with youngsters presumably because they won’t threaten the little authority he has. I doubt he’ll last next season. The deluded fan base will expect 4th which won’t happen. Tough times ahead and the best chance of ending 4th gone in 2 shambolic performances that a top manager and decent side would never have allowed to happen

  2. jod says:

    Trying to make sense of last season is a hopeless task. Spurs beat City twice but lost at home to Brighton and Wolves. United were so bad they made everyone else look good in comparison. Nobody actually seemed to want fourth place. If it weren’t for all their European games I have a feeling West Ham would have got the last Champions League spot. Fans always seem to think next season will be like last season but I don’t see it. Last season was a one off and I suspect the competition will be much tougher next time. Arsenal may well find a better level of performance results in a lower final league position.

  3. Big Mal says:

    I agree with most of that except West Ham are no where near good enough for top 4 irrespective of European football. I always felt Conte would get Tottenham over the line. Let’s face it he was only up against Arteta and Rangnick. Imagine failing to end 4th when they are the competition

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