3 Responses to “Transfer News: Arsenal, Manchester City open talks for Bernardo Silva”

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  1. How many and who are we really after? Or is it just going to be like this till the transfer market is over again?: Arsenal Board please do something before something do you.

  2. Christopher Loum says:

    Buying Bernado is not a good idea but inquire from Madrid about Martin Odegaard.

  3. Johannes says:

    The team has a transfer budget, unlike some of these clubs which can buy everybody they want. That’s why they need to have many transfer negotiation going on. Most of those transfers are not active like the press makes us feel like.

    But it’s bargaining. You start low value and you try to reach level of the deal which is acceptable for everyone. Meanwhile you are doing the same with many targets and try to find out the best deal vs quality of the player. It takes time.

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