7 Responses to “Transfer News: Arsenal interested in Bernardo Silva”

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  1. Jone says:

    I think Arsenal don’t need new goalkeeper, the team need just a good goalkeeping coach. Because of 2 young keepers Okonko and Karl Hein are look so good. Bot they have no experience. Go to look back preseason games they don’t know when do they need to step forward and need to save. Help them to advance with good technique

  2. Jone says:

    Bernardo is a good player. I think he will be a good signing

  3. He can play bt the problem is his age

  4. Is Silva the best player that Arsenal can sign? He is too old 4 the gunners to sign him

  5. Dickson says:

    I think he will be a good addition to arsenal. And at 26 he still have more to give. Go for him

  6. Chrispo Desrouleaux says:

    Bernardo has immense experience. Sometimes age goes along with experience. Mikel knows him during his time at City. I think we’re seeing a transformed Arsenal come next season.

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