9 Responses to “Transfer News: Liverpool in talks with Youri Tielemans”

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  1. Colin says:

    Liverpool will not get him cheap.we don’t have to sell , and we are notoriously good at getting the price we want.Leicester will not go a penny below 70 million

  2. Jasper says:

    This is Liverpool we are talking about. We get what we want.

  3. John Redfern says:

    Bringing teilemans in would be a step in the right direction, he’s young, creative, and a very good footballer, wydjnaldum is good at what he does but he hasn’t got the creativety of teilemans, I think it would be a great signing for the club, and would bring a different brand of football

  4. Matt p says:

    I think all you liverpool fans are dreaming tielemans will stay at leicester city he loves the club. We have a more expensive and better training ground than liverpool and we have an own who cares about the club and team. Also we can offer him the same wages you can offer.

  5. Andy M says:

    1. Wijnaldum loves Liverpool. That still didn’t stop him leaving on a Bosman. Quite rightly, players do what is best for themselves and their career.

    2. Having owners that care is very nice but having a manager like Klopp to work with every day is better – and better than working with Brendan.

    3. Do you really think that having a more expensive training ground is more of an attraction than Champions League football? Or than playing at Anfield?

    The only thing that would stop this is if the club put a crazy valuation on him to prevent him moving. But, of course, the owners care about their players, don’t they?

  6. Andy M says:

    Oh, and by the way – I’m guessing you’re basing that ‘more expensive and better training ground’ on the £90m you spent on what is now a 2 year old facility built from scratch with the £50m we spent expanding an already substantial and impressive facility that opened a few months ago. Don’t go confusing ‘expensive’ with ‘better’.

  7. Pete says:

    But they don’t have champs league football for the second season running. Stop being selfish to the lad. All footballers want proper champs league!!!YNWA

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