Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi has warned Liverpool and Manchester United off young sensation Ben Brereton

Liverpool and Manchester United have both been courting young sensation Ben Brereton. And the Nottingham Forest wonderkid would have further piqued their interest with an injury time winner for his senior club. But, club owner Fawaz Al Hasawi does not have any plans to sell the 17-year-old.

Speaking to the Nottingham Post, Al Hasawi warned Liverpool and Manchester United off the striker, who is the latest in a line of exciting youngsters to make the grade at the club. The owner has come under fire by the fans over the sale of Oliver Burke to RB Leipzig, a record transfer involving a Scottish player.

And he has no plans of a repeat, in the immediate future at the very least.

“ Why would we want to sell him? We have similar players coming through the academy – we have invested money in the academy and Gary (Brazil) has done an amazing job, which is why we have good players coming through now.”

“ We have given Gary everything he has asked for and we now have some good players coming through as a result. We have very good players coming through, in fact and that is very positive for the future of the club. We want them to play here.”

Ben Brereton is not the only one to come through the academy. The likes of Ben Osborn, Joe Worrall, Matty Cash and Oliver Burke are all gems of the youth facilities at Nottingham Forest. In fact, Al Hasawi has iterated that he sees young players as the platform to elevate the club back to its glorious history.

Brereton has already shown that he is unfazed by the situation as he propelled his team to a stoppage time 2-1 win over Aston Villa in the Championship in front of a near 20,000 crowd, who cheered on as the 17-year-old substitute turned out to be the hero of the fixture.

Gary Brazil has also backed the young players of Forest for success, boasting that these youngsters will be the cornerstones of the club’s future fortunes, at least till he is in charge of managing the squad.

Brereton does look set for big things, be it at Nottingham Forest or at some other club. The big sharks have already come circling and it will be interesting to see if he chooses to taste different waters at a bigger club or stay at Forest and perhaps, help the club relive its lost legacy.

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