The former defender has divulged about a hair-raising incident that occurred during his feud with his then team-mate Samir Nasri

Even though William Gallas and Samir Nasri shared the same dressing room for club as well as international level for Arsenal and France respectively for quite some time, they were never really known as being the best of friends.

William Gallas was someone who spoke his heart out while Samir Nasri has always been an enigmatic and mercurial type of a individual. The friction between the two Frenchmen first started during the Euro 2008 when Samir Nasri sat on a seat in the team-bus which was meant for Thierry Henry, and then refused to give-up the seat to the legendary striker, which sparked a war of words between Gallas and Nasri.

Nasri later clarified he made peace with Henry but was still not on talking terms with Gallas. Then in 2010, the former Spurs defender launched a scathing attack on Nasri in his book, claiming the attacking midfielder was a bad influence for the France national team and he is the reason behind the tensions between the squad.

Nasri responded by refusing to shake hands with Gallas when the pair met in the North London derby in November 2010, with the defender now playing for the men in white. The pair also exchanged some heavy coming-together in the opening stages of the said game.

Arsenal's French midfielder Samir Nasri

And now, William Gallas has revealed an outrageous story that took place back in 2009. Speaking to the Locker Room on RMC TV, Gallas said Samir Nasri once tried to attack him with tasers amidst their feud.

In his own words, “What you need to know is that I was staying at the hotel with my family. I was with my cousins for a meal, it was the eve of a rally of the French team.”

“At the end of the meal, I leave the hotel and there are people who come to meet me and want to talk with me. Initially I did not want to, then I recognized a person who was often with Samir at the Arsenal training ground.”

“A few days previously, we’d had an altercation in relation to something he said, and I did not appreciate it. This person wanted to me to go and see Samir who was in a car down (the road)”

“I was about to follow him but my cousin, who is a policeman, told me not to go there as he sensed something amiss. At the same time, I took a look to the side and I see someone squatting with a bag … in the bag, there were tasers. I do not know why.”

“But luckily I was with people that day, because I do not know what could have happened.”

The full transcript can be read here (in French).

Whether the meeting was indeed set-up by Nasri or someone else is up for question, but the story is sure to send the footballing world into shock-waves.

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